What is The Vault?

Scott Manning has been delivering seminars and intense trainings throughout the world for more than a decade. Today, you have an opportunity to receive your online key which grants you unlimited access to the Million Dollar Methods Vault. Within the locked doors: his most impactful trainings covering startup businesses to the most advanced entrepreneurs, PLUS over 12 months of the ‘Million Dollar Methods Online Magazine’.

Get Access to Your Own Million Dollar Methods Vault

{Over $4,153.00 of Income-Multiplying Information for Only $197}

  • Million Dollar Methods Blueprint
    ($569 Value)

    The unifying principles of a seven-figure income,delivered here by the Million Dollar Methods Creator, Scott Manning. This material is responsible for more five and six-figure deposits in bank accounts than anything else Scott has presented, period. Complete with blueprints, workbooks, and videos.
  • Wealth Attraction & Money Manifestation
    ($387 Value)

    Scott’s highly regarded seminar dedicated to the mindset that brings you money. Often the missing piece for entrepreneurs, this information will instantly impact the very profitability of your business. Scott gives you the insight to create your own Wealth Attraction and Money Manifestation.
  • Segmenting for Profit: Understanding the 4 Types of Customers
    and How to Profit From Each
    ($197 Value)

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  • BONUS #1: Scott J Manning’s Copywriting Quickstart
    (Total Value of over $3000)

    WITHOUT Communication no money can be made. In your business, every interaction with your prospects and customers is tied directly to your Sales Psychology and we call this COPYWRITING!

    This is one of Scott’s most provocative and secretive private workshops ever conducted with a small group of Private Clients who paid more than $3,000 to receive Scott templated approach to writing persuasive and influential sales copy that gets down to the core of your buyers minds and motivations to move them to give you money. Remove the mysticism of magical copywriting with this proven step by step plan to get your writing copy fast and profitably.
  • BONUS #2: Business Building Blocks
    (Total Value $197)

    This presentation include the 4 key pillars to successfully and sustainably creating the foundation to build an empire. Every building has a base and every business must have these four pillars. When any one of these is missing or planted on unstable ground your future will be sought with frustration and disappointment of starts and failures without ever knowing the root cause. Change that will this Presentation.
  • BONUS #3: Maximum Profit & Business Growth
    (Total Value $257)

    Who wants to Get Rich Slow…right?! Nobody. Certainly not you, not someone who has dedicated their life to their business, the pursuit of their passion, and building of their dream business. You help people and deserve to be rewarded handsomely. Your responsibility is to make as much money as humanly possible and then some, this presentation provides the strategies to make sure that happen. Bold, in your face, blunt, and to the point Scott always delivers actionable ideas and proven strategies to send your business over the top with profits and growth.